Helpful Tips for PK Parents

Information for Pre-K Parents

Helpful Tips

How Can You Help Your Child Succeed? 


Making sure your child attends class every day he/she is healthy.

Checking your child's book bag daily. (No toys please.)

Giving your child a sense of pride in his/her schoolwork.

Assuring your child that his/her teacher, principal, and other school personnel are his/her friends.

Reading many stories and poems to your child.

Seeing that your child practices good eating habits.

Seeing that your child gets enough sleep.

Taking time to listen, to encourage, and to show an interest in the things your child does at school. 

Helping your child to help himself/herself whenever possible.

Letting the school know where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

 Notifying the school of any change of daily routine (someone different to pick your child up, etc.).

Enriching your child's vocabulary by reading to him/her, by taking him/her to a library, and by daily conversation.