iPad Insurance

Insurance Information

Worth Ave. Group Insurance Plan Purchase Link

Insurance will be purchased by families per device through Worth Ave. Group Insurance as part of the South Holland SD150 1:1 iPad program. Refer to the coverage table (below) for repair costs without insurance. The cost of insurance protection is $30 annually (non-refundable). Insurance may be purchased online through the Worth Ave. Group during registration. The insurance policy covers one iPad per student per school year and will cover. Purchasing the insurance is not required, but students are responsible for all repair/replacement costs. All protection plan claims for accidental damage or maintenance must be reported and filed with the Technology Department. In cases of theft or loss, students or parents must file a police or fire report and bring a copy of the report to the office before an iPad can be replaced with the Worth Ave. Group Insurance Plan. 
Worth Ave. Group Insurance Plan Information


The insurance plan offers complete coverage for the following: 
  Accidental Damage
   Liquid Submersion
    Cracked Screen
  •  Theft, Burglary & Robbery
    Fire & Flood
  •  Earthquake & Natural Disaster
    Tornado & Hurricane
    Power Surge
  • Vandalism 

Not Covered 

Intentional damage to the device is not covered. Intentional damage is either observed to willfully have occurred or that wish is determined by the type of damage to have been willful in nature. 

  •  iPad damage incurred while out of protective case.
  •  The iPad charger is not covered.
  •  The iPad case is not covered.